Theme 15 - Varanium

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  • Infinite Scroll/pagination
  • Optimized for Google Chrome, 1280x800 resolution (but it should work on other browsers and resolutions)
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Series: Black Bullet
  • Everything is customizable
  • 8 Custom Links (click the more button to show)
  • 4 icon links (home, message, history, more links)
  • Optional music player
  • Hidden description (click the description button to show)
  • Optional hover permalink
  • Black or white tumblr audio player
  • Any description length
  • Optional monochrome images


[terms of use]


  • sidebar image is 250x300 (resizes to fit)
  • Title should either be like really short or really long heh
  • Audio players in the preview are not expected to work because tumblr controls = missing.

Like or reblog if you use or plan to use this theme or just if you like it! And if you encounter problems you can always message me <3 the background is from subtlepatterns and the sidebar image is sourced in the preview~


i did a thing

holy shit I think this is tile-able


Google theme pack by syntaxthemes! featuring:

Google Theme - preview | code

a theme that looks just like the Google search results page

the search bar actually works! you can search your blog with it

optional pagination that looks like Google’s

optional blogroll

optional ‘account’ - with “add account” and “sign out” buttons that actually create a new blog or sign you out (isn’t that cool)

fully customisable

Google All-in-One Page preview | code

an all-in-one page based on the Google search results page

contains: about me, blogroll, navigation, and FAQ

fully customisable; customisation instructions in the code

Google Redirect/Hiatus Page preview | code

a page based on the Google main page

if “Hiatus” option is selected, it will have an ask box instead of a search bar

Google logo can be replaced with any image, and will be automatically resized

fully customisable

terms of use

if you have any issues or queries, feel free to contact me

enjoy your new theme!

it would be really cool to make a thing to make it so that images cannot be seen until hovered over (for accessibility reasons) 

consider: use image-fade pre-made options, set opacity 100%

need: script for toggle

solemnly swearing

booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere